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Kristoff Krane & Sadistik - Prey For Paralysis CD

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 In April of 2011 Sadistik & Kristoff Krane began a three month tour that spanned nine countries. Quickly realizing their artistic chemistry, the two decided that they should create an album together. While en route to Amsterdam, Kristoff exposed Sadistik to the production work of live instrumentalist Graham O'Brien. He was immediately impressed by Graham's unique style and the two agreed that it was the perfect direction to take their project. After receiving Graham's stamp of approval, Sadistik and Kristoff Krane began the writing process while in a tour van in May of 2011. By the end of June they had written the entire album. They recorded the vocals over the course of three days at Sadistik's home in Seattle, WA. We now present to you... Prey For Paralysis. 

Track listing: 
1. Pyramid Song 
2. Bad Timing 
3. Higher Brain 
4. Toxiod 
5. Freedumb 
6. Kingdom Come 
7. Elizabeth Bathory 
8. Miso 
9. Stupor Star 
10. Hunter's Prey

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