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P.O.S - Audition CD

P.O.S - Audition CD

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 The 2nd album by Doomtree leader P.O.S, released on Rhymesayers in 2005.


1) Audition Ipecac
2) Half-Cocked Concepts
3) De La Souls
4) Stand Up (Let's Get Married)
5) Bush League Psyche-Out Stuff (ft. Slug)
6) Paul Kersey To Jack Kimball
7) Safety In Speed (Heavy Metal)
8) The Kill In Me
9) Yeah Right (Science Science)
10) Audition M.D.
11) P.O.S. Is Ruining My Life
12) Living Slightly Larger
13) Suicide Uma Schrantz
14) Bleeding Hearts Club (MPLS Chapter) (ft. Slug)
15) A Teddy Bear And A Tazer
16) Audition Mantra

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