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Sims of Doomtree - Bad Time Zoo CD

Sims of Doomtree - Bad Time Zoo CD

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Sims, a Minnesota native and member of Minneapolis rap collective Doomtree (P.O.S., Dessa, Lazerbeak, Paper Tiger,Cecil Otter, and Mike Mictlan), is set to drop his second full length album Bad Time Zoo, the follow-up to 2005's acclaimed Lights Out Paris. Whether performing solo or with one another, each member contributes a different approach to their music. Within the last few years, all have taken their turn stepping into the spotlight to demonstrate their individual talents. Now it's Sims' turn to showcase it all when Bad Time Zoo is released on the collective's own label, Doomtree Records.

Music was one constant Sims had while growing up and this led to him finding solace in rap and R&B. Through cross country touring, hard work, and paying dues, he solidified his calling. With influences ranging from Wu Tang Clan to Bob Dylan, Sims' music is drawn a lot more from human interaction than from music, I listen and try to understand how people function. 

Across Bad Time Zoo's 14 tracks, the concept of how people function is evident. The entire record is produced by fellow Doomtree member Lazerbeak, who has who has also produced albums for P.O.S., Dessa, and Mac Lethal, among others. Throughout the album, Sims displays a spectrum of diverse sounds ranging from grimy beats to the unexpected ballad. Such aural variances provide distinction while still retaining the album's narrative story. Combining thoughts and sounds, Sims listens to the world around him.

The unique interactive album packaging includes an origami-style insert with cuttable/foldable sheets of paper for fans to create their own animals. 


1. Future Shock 

2. Burn It Down 

3. Bad Time Zoo 

4. Too Much 

5. One Dimensional Man 

6. In My Sleep 

7. When It Rolls In 

8. Good Times 

9. LMG 

10. The Veldt 

11. Weight 

12. Radio Opaque 

13. Sink or Syncopate 

14. Hey You

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