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Guante & Big Cats! - An Unwelcome Guest MP3 Download

Guante & Big Cats! - An Unwelcome Guest MP3 Download

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Producer Big Cats and rapper Guante have created an album that is unapologetically political, unflinchingly descriptive and undeniably ambitious.  Never content to settle for rapping-about-rapping cliches, easy, faux-revolutionary pandering or abstract, pseudo-intellectual gibberish, the duo instead have focused on storytelling.  While most hip hop stories are confined to one song, the concept album structure gives Guante room to really push the boundaries of hip hop narrative; close listens reveal multiple instances of foreshadowing, recurring motifs, subtle character development, and more.  Sure, this is hip hop as high art, but it's also high art as a love story about zombies, superpowers and post-apocalyptic America. An Unwelcome Guest is released by rising indie label, Tru Ruts/Speakeasy Records.

Featuring an appearance by SFR's Prolyphic. 

Earnestness can go wrong in hip hop. On this album, it goes very right.  --Sage Francis

"Part Cormac McCarthy, part Woody Guthrie, and part Public Enemy, An Unwelcome Guest is an intricately woven poetic and sonic excursion through landscapes mental, emotional, and physical, cementing Guante and Big Cats!'s status as two of the best emerging artists within Twin Cities hip-hop." TC Daily Planet Album Review -

"The semi concept album by the spoken word poet/rapper is arresting and innovative while still having a loose feel to it that doesn't ever feel like preaching... It really is one of the best local releases of the year and is a must listen for any fans of hip hop." - Whiskey for Holy Ghost -


01 Stories
02 If It Bleeds, It Leads
03 The National Anthem (feat. Haley Bonar)
04 The Stockholm Syndrome (feat. Prolyphic & Big Quarters)
05 Raindrops In A Hurricane
06 No Capes
07 Welcome to the Border (feat. Chastity Brown)
08 With Great Power
09 A Hug From A Stranger
10 Red States
11 Dragons
12 Like The Dead Running
13 Yes, God Is A DJ: No, Not A Good One (feat. Eric Blair)
14 The Damp, Foggy Midnight
15 End Credits

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