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Sage Francis - "Human The Death Dance" SIGNED Poster

Sage Francis - "Human The Death Dance" SIGNED Poster

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Only 2 left!
PLEASE NOTE: We marked them down to $5 because they have a couple of corner dings from life on the road.

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of Sage Francis' "Human The Death Dance" album with a brand new collection of 'YCKMMF' gear! All available items here

A 12" x 20" poster featuring the cover of Sage Francis' 2007 LP "Human The Death Dance", SIGNED by Sage Francis himself! 

We're down to our last box of these posters, which were printed at the time the album was released. Once they're gone, they will not be reprinted!

This poster will come rolled (not folded!) in a sturdy cardboard shipping tube. 

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