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Sleep - Oregon Failure CD

Sleep - Oregon Failure CD

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Produced by Denver's Maulskull, Sleep of Oldominion's 'Oregon Failure' is a sorely needed return to spitting bars for the genre. Set to Maulskull's heavy hitting, up-tempo dreamtrap, the album's themes touch on trial and error, effort and failure, and ultimately perseverance. A master of poly-rhythmic turnarounds, chopping double time, Sleep builds up cadence the way Diplo builds towards the drop. Never coming off phony or Pollyannaish, young go-hards and old school heads alike can identify with the anthems of 'Oregon Failure'.

Features By Pigeon John, Xperience, Ceschi and Onry Ozzborn!

FREE DOWNLOAD of "Substances" featuring CESCHI & ONRY OZZBORN!

Check out "Sinking Ship", the first video from the album!
1. Where Ya At?
2. It's Out of My Hands
3. The Beat
4. Something Else (piano by Beau Bryant)
5. Substances ft Ceschi & Onry Ozzborn (guitar by Skylar Blake; keys by Danny Haigh (for Crusader Keystorm)
6. Here Inside ft Nyqwil of Oldominion
7. Truth Serum ft. Pigeon John (background vocals Toni Hill)
8. I'm Sorry  (bass by Skylar Blake; keys Danny Haigh for Crusader Keystorm; additional drum programming Smoke M2D6)
9. Tumbleweed ft. X-Perience of Oldominion and A. Samori (background vocals Toni Hill; guitar by Cody Dean)
10. Sinking Ship
11. You Ain't Sh#*T! ft. Tony Ozier
12. Rap Rehab (guitar and piano Charles Cliff)
13. Broke (background vocals Tony Ozier; bass by Skylar Blake, keys by Danny Haigh; drums by Nate Gendron

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