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East Coast Avengers - Prison Planet CD

East Coast Avengers - Prison Planet CD

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In 2008, a decade before his SFR debut, Trademarc joined forces with Esoteric (Czarface, 7L & Esoteric) + producer DC the MIDI Alien to form East Coast Avengers!  

The Children of Reaganomics are all grown up now. Having survived two violent Bush regimes, those raised in the 80's and molded by the 90's are now strong enough to revolt against the wicked oppressors of the prison planet. These children, who grew up on the teachings of Marvel Comics as opposed to the New York Post, who have more faith in George Lucas' Force than the Holy Bible, are poised to strike. What brought them to this point? Could it be the broken homes, the faulty clinical evaluations, the prescription medications or illegal drugs which have become one in the same? Or maybe it was the steady diet of Public Enemy, Paris and the Dead Kennedys? Most likely it was a combination of all of these mixed with a splash of American counter-culture by way of the Black Panthers, David Icke and Abbie Hoffman. Emerging from this equation are two unforgiving lyricists who paint storyboards vivid enough to rival Francis Ford Coppola. Stirring this pot one producer with sonic landscapes lush enough to create the soundtrack to those lyrics. Mix in current America, the Middle East, the war on terror, fear, oppression, paranoia, the war for oil, depression, mind control, homelessness, chemical warfare, sky-rocketing taxes and global warming and what do you get? The Prison Planet that we are all serving time on. The Prison Planet where our only hope is the East Coast Avengers. Esoteric, Trademarc and DC the Midi Alien combine as the East Coast Avengers, a trio of hip hop rebels who have answered the call and take aim at Bill O'Reilly and the religious right. Let no evildoing pundit, talk show host or politician be safe in America any longer.

01 Prison Planet 4:14
02 Show And Prove 3:33
03 Vengeance 4:31
04 Win/Win Situation 3:22
05 Kill Bill O'Reilly 6:45
06 Too Much To Ask 3:35
07 East Coast Overdose 4:34
08 A Valiant Effort 3:03
09 Let It Knock 3:18
10 Torture Rack 3:35
11 Riot Act 4:31
12 Hey America 3:15
13 The Trouble With Motorcades 4:22
14 Avengers Assemble 4:13
15 Lady Liberty 4:10
16 Clean Conscience 4:20 

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