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Sage Francis x Trond Wiger - Make Em Purr/La Dæm Mal SIGNED 7-Inch Vinyl

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Norwegian emcee Trond Wiger (Gode Ord Dør Sist) got the green light from Sage Francis himself to translate and mold Sage's classic track "Make Em Purr" into a version for his home country. This split 7" features both versions.

Limited to 500 copies worldwide, SFRstore has a very small quantity to offer for sale! Each copy will be autographed by Sage Francis. 

Orders for this product page will receive:

1x Sage Francis / Trond Wiger "Make Em Purr" Signed 7-Inch WHITE Vinyl
1x SFR sticker 

"Trond Wiger opened up for me at a show of mine in Trondheim, Norway and we had a great conversation. We're the same age, we've been doing hip-hop for just about the same time, and it seems that he had been going through a lot of the same things I mention in "Make Em Purr." He mentioned being interested in doing a cover of the song so that it could connect with more Norwegian fans, so I offered up the instrumental even though I was nervous about how a translation might actually sound in terms of tone, rhymes, rhythm, and delivery. When I finally heard his version of the song my concerns washed away. He asked if they could print up 500 copies of this song on 7" and now here we are. We only have 20 or so copies to sell at the SFRstore, but
I'll be able to pick up more copies the next time I swing through Norway. Who the heck knows when that will be. Alas, this is a very special and limited item and I know this song connects to a lot of people who've dealt with depression, loneliness, loss, and all that other fun stuff. If this is the kind of vinyl you'd like to have in your collection, here you go. Best wishes!" - Uncle Sage

Check out Trond Wiger's version set to the animated video by Wasaru!
The original Sage Francis version, from the 2014 LP "Copper Gone":

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