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Atmosphere - Overcast! CD

Atmosphere - Overcast! CD

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 The official debut of Minneapolis, MN crew Atmosphere!

Finally after years of being secluded in the basement this stormy 18 track debut from lyrical word workers Slug and Spawn has arrived and is rippin' it's way across the globe towards your local underground scene, urging all heads to keep their eyes to the sky and check the weather. Contains the underground classic "Scapegoat" plus two bonus tracks, one being the trailer park anthem "Primer". Production by ANT.

Track Listing;
1. 1597
2. Brief Description
3. Current Status - Atmosphere,
4. Complications
5. 4: 30 Am
6. Adjust - Atmosphere,
7. Clay
8. @
9. Sound Is Vibration
10. Multiples
11. Scapegoat
12. Ode to the Modern Man (Lightning Blend)
13. WND
14. Multiples (Reprise)
15. Caved In
16. Cuando Limpia el Humo
17. Outernet