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Boy In Static - Candy Cigarette CD

Boy In Static - Candy Cigarette CD

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 Third album Candy Cigarette marks a major shift for Boy In Static, now the duo of Alexander Chen and Kenji Ross. Bringing the floor-stomping confidence of their live show into the studio, Candy Cigarette is an album of contrasts. Rickety 1960's toy pianos dance alongside glossy, 1980's synthesized drum machines. Precise viola arrangements sweep over one-mic improvised drum takes. The intimate 1940's crooning of the title track ushers in the orchestral grandeur of "Half-Lives."

From the summertime sidewalk soundtrack "Young San Francisco" to the icy paranoia of dancehall-inspired "Tijuana," 10 songs flaunt equal respect for both the sonic experimentation of Animal Collective and the verse-chorus pop format of New Order. Guests included Marc Bianchi (Her Space Holiday), Liz Enthusiasm (Freezepop), and Ulrich Schnauss.

#1 Toy Baby Grand
#2 Starlet
#3 Star Crossed Killer
#4 Young San Francisco
#5 Tijuana
#6 Candy Cigarette
#7 Half Lives
#8 Wartime Bachelor
#9 Osaka
#10 LA Runaways