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Chachi Carvalho - In Dust Real Evolution CD

Chachi Carvalho - In Dust Real Evolution CD

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Chachi Carvalho is a veteran emcee who has been flooding the Northeast's deep underground with top notch material since the late 1990s, and is known around SFR's homebase of Pawtucket, RI as the unofficial mayor of Rhode Island's hip hop scene.In Dust Real Evolution is his first official release, and Strange Famous Records is proud to offer our it in our online store and recommend that you check out this emerging Ocean State talent. 

A little about the record from Providence Phoenix writer Chris Conti:

Chachi Carvalho lost his dad to pancreatic cancer just over a year ago, an unexpected and devastating event for his family. A bedside journal Charles Chachi Carvalho kept during the final three days of Carlos Pops Carvalho comes to life in stunning fashion on his latest disc, In Dust Real Evolution.The nine cuts are often followed by somber yet ultimately uplifting spoken-word excerpts from the journal, depicting a whirlwind of emotions. Musically, longtime friends/collaborators J. DePina and DJ Therion bring the heat with some of the most impressive Carvalho cuts to date.

"This short collection of songs was written during one of the most difficult times in my life. I suffered great loss in a short period of time and I felt like I was drowning in a sea of emotions. I turned to music as a means of escape. I learned that If I was going to evolve as a man and a musician, I had to let certain things go. This album represents that process. One mans struggle to make sense of a series of unfortunate events." - Chachi

01 Evolution
02 Never Say Never (feat. Paul Lowe Jr)
03 Car Keys
04 Message Clear
05 Girl, Interrupted
06 Last Dollar (feat. DJ Therion)
07 When I Turn Around (feat. LJC)
08 Live Forever
09 Ocean State of Mind