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Delby L - Nine Skies CD

Delby L - Nine Skies CD

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 Delby L is an original and infectious rock treasure. Deep musicality and Un-erring melodic inspiration relentlessly spring forth from the trio's mouths and instruments. Their sound is deceptively simple and stripped down, but full as an orchestra - 2 guitars & drums, 3 voices, and sometimes a trumpet. Delby L is made up of usual Denver suspects Jeff Eliassen (notable collaborations with Ariel Pink, R. Stevie Moore), Dave Devine, and Brian Lenherr. In 2007, these 3 former sidemen of The Czars and Walking Into Drawings decided to make a joyous noise of their own. Now the joy just won't quit as the trio blasts & glides through musical twists & turns, surprising new listeners daily. A variety of frequent comparisons from Pinback, to Explosions in the Sky, to Jeff Buckley perhaps allude to a few of the band's favorites, but certainly none come close to describing the group's utterly unique sound. Often pretty, sometimes noisy, always catchy, Delby L will draw you in to their compelling world, on stage or at home with headphones. Their new album Nine Skies, recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, the album was released on May 5th 2009 on Fake Four Inc.

#1 This Time Is Forever
#2 John From Cincinnati Part 1
#3 John From Cincinnati Part 2
#4 Songs of Something
#5 Grampas Old Favorite
#6 Careless
#7 Pretty Never Beautiful
#8 Its You Kid
#9 Low Voice