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Educated Consumers - Hello Big Mama CD

Educated Consumers - Hello Big Mama CD

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Also available from SFRstore: a special package of Educated Consumers' emcee Seez Mics' first poetry book + the CD version of "Hello Big Mama"! Click here to check it out. 

Washington, DC-area duo Educated Consumers (emcee Seez Micsand producer t.E.C.K.) are at the forefront of the latest wave of underground hip hop future stars, gaining buzz across the US and beyond on road treks with the likes of Eyedea & Abilities (Rhymesayers) and Strange Famous Records' Prolyphic, and through a series of top-quality releases. Their latest full-length digital album, Hello Big Mama, is available now from


01 Hello Big Mama (Main Instroduction)
02 Instant Universal
03 Our Turn Our Time feat. K-Cromozone
04 Remote Control
05 Interlude
06 Merch Manipulator
07 Spoiling Pot
08 Listen Close Enough feat. Lauren Schreiber
09 Never Enough feat. Dezmatic
10 Identify
11 Seamless feat. K-Cromozone
12 Love Time Out
13 Better Letter
14 My Us feat. Storm Davis & Reason of Poorly Drawn People
15 Copy After Copy
16 Payrole feat. K-Cromozone