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Electric President - The Violent Blue CD

Electric President - The Violent Blue CD

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 Electric President is made up of Ben Cooper and Alex Kane, both natives of Jacksonville, Florida. Their musical history is scattered. Ben played in bands from the time he was 13, in as many of four at once, sometimes as a guitarist, or a drummer, singer or bassist. Alex first started playing as the bass player in a band called The Helicopter Project, which Ben joined when they were in need of a singer. It was there that they first met and started recording as Electric President - with Alex on Bass and Ben handling just about everything else. Since 2006 they've released two albums and two 7 inches as Electric President with the German imprint, Morr Music, and have toured in the US, Europe, and Japan. Their sound is a mixture of folk and indie pop crafted with electronic elements sometimes making occasional references to shoegaze and epic prog rock. The Violent Blue, their first stateside album, is set for release on New Haven, CT record label Fake Four Inc. on February 23rd, 2010. Ben and Alex's records stand out not only because of moments of irresistibly catchy melodies, or exquisite home production, but because of Ben Cooper's knack for developed and detailed song writing. The Violent Blue a title that stems from Ben's nickname for the ocean, started as a collection of B-sides from the band's 2008 Sleep Well sessions but grew into much more. The idea of drowning in sound became increasingly important in areas of the album and the words turned out more personal than in the previous records. What came about is an elegantly crafted album that showcases Electric President's mature and elaborate songs characterized by waves of harmonies, quiet acoustic guitars and loud distorted electric ones built upon layers of intricately produced percussive work whether it be in the form of big sounding drum machines, glitchy organic found sounds or live kit recordings.

#1 The Ocean Floor
#2 Mr Gone
#3 Safe and Sound
#4 Feathers
#5 Nightmare No 5 or 6
#6 The Violent Blue
#7 Circles
#8 Elegant Disasters
#9 Eat Shit and Die
#10 All The Distant Ships