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ESH x Grey Sky Appeal - Moon Balloon SIGNED Cassette

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Tapes will come signed by Esh The Monolith!

Orders include a Digital Download of the full album! 
- code packaged in cassette

The Brooklyn trio Grey Sky Appeal comprised of producer Taj Campman and emcees Subtex and Outwrite have teamed up with Boston’s Esh The Monolith to bring forth their latest offering, Moon Balloon. 

What began as a studio session in a dingy Washington DC hotel room, during the 2013 Brain Wreck Tour, is now a polished LP the four artists have carefully constructed over the past two years. 

The final product is one of a kind, wall melting, ear tripping, drug induced experiment in Lo Fi Psych Rap.

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01 Intro
02 Moon Balloon
03 Flatbush
04 Brain Wreck
05 Gone
06 Old Haunts
07 Bender
08 Airplanes
09 Spell on You
10 Outro

Written by Grey Sky Appeal & Esh the Monolith
Produced by Taj Campman