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Jared Paul - Live MP3 Download

Jared Paul - Live MP3 Download

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The first official live spoken word album from JARED PAUL, frontman of SFR's Prayers For Atheists!

In the words of legendary Hip Hop artist and poet, KRS-ONE, “Being dope live is like being insured for life— you always get called back TWICE!”

Over the past ten years Jared Paul has become one of the best known spoken word poets in the world by doing just that... being dope live. His electrifying performance shifts effortlessly between spoken word, traditional storytelling, and acapella Hip Hop, with a poignance that often brings audiences to tears one second and has them laughing out loud the next.

Check out "Class Warpath" from the Jared Paul Live album:

Jared has toured relentlessly, winning over audience after audience at theaters, poetry slams, universities, festivals, Hip Hop shows, and Rock concerts across the U.S., Canada, and Europe. But poetry, as Jared performs it, cannot be accurately captured through the sterile atmosphere of an isolated studio session— the performer can’t feed off the energy of the audience and the crowd isn’t able to interact with the poet, which is why for his first ever full length Spoken Word album Jared knew it had to be LIVE.

The result is Jared Paul Live, a Greatest Hits album of Jared’s best known poems from throughout his spoken word career performed for a sold out crowd at the Empire Black Box Theatre in Providence, RI. Separated into to 14 tracks, the recorded set plays from beginning to end like a Richard Pryor or George Carlin concert album. The entire venue was mic’d to capture the audience’s reaction for the full experience of a classic Jared Paul feature set. Long time fans, as well as new supporters, will thoroughly enjoy this unique collection.

"The grind never stops for impassioned activist Jared Paul. He just dropped his spoken word debut titled Jared Paul Live, a collection of witty, knowledgeable, and uncompromising stories recorded in front of a packed house at the Empire Black Box Theatre. Spin the new disc and it’s instantly apparent that Jared Paul was born to rock the stage."  —Providence Phoenix

01 Class Warpath
02 ABCs For Radicals
03 A Bike Riding Revenge Poem
04 River To Basin, Moses To Basket
05 Black Dove Shuffle
06 Everywhere We Go
07 Post Election Bailout Blues
08 EZBG (For Ona)
09 Sea Lion Remix*
10 Atheist In A Foxhole
11 Lot's Wife
12 Salt Lake Crucifixion Blues
13 Pro Choice For Life
14 2008 RNC Arrest Story

All poems by Jared Paul. Recorded live at the Empire Black Box Theatre in Providence, RI. Engineered and mixed by Dan Sawyer at DS Studios. *Track 9. is a spoken word remix of the Sage Francis song "Sea Lion."
Jared Paul's work with his band Prayers For Atheists can be found at SFRstore here.