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Jivin' Scientists - Push & Pull 7-Inch Record

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Jivin' Scientists (Tucson, AZ) have signed to SFdigi!
Their SFdigi debut is due in 2018, but you can get familiar with the crew by checking out this 7-inch White lathe cut record containing 2 songs from their 10th studio album, "Thirsty". 


Orders for this product page will receive:

1x Jivin' Scientists "Push & Pull" 7-Inch White Lathe Cut Record 


The latest video from JS is "Push & Pull":

Jivin' Scientists on Jivin' Scientists:
"Jivin’ Scientists is not just music. It’s a philosophy. An idea. As scientists, we research the fundamental building blocks and framework of the art we produce. With that understanding, we apply pieces of ourselves in a creative way to Jive it. We believe that with hard work and honesty we can take the music we love to a new level. We are selflessly committed to producing something new and different while forever respecting the foundation on which it was built." - JS (MC Runt, Phen, Soundsmith, DJ Deeko, Dr Nope)

“Welcome to the world of Tucson underground hip-hop, flying mostly below the radar and unjustly ignored by the majority of music fans… What sets Jivin' Scientists apart are their brutally confessional and introspective lyrics.” – Joshua Levine, Tucson Weekly