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Kristoff Krane - Fanfaronade SIGNED CD

Kristoff Krane - Fanfaronade SIGNED CD

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The fourth studio album from Kristoff Krane!

Check out the first single "Wild Wild West" featuring Sage Francis & Sadistik!

Below is a Q&A with Kristoff Krane, for those interested in learning more about the album:

When was fanfaronade created and finished?

The first song was recorded in August of 2010. The record was completed in February of 2011. It's entirely produced by a German producer, Jaq, with the exception of "Got High" which is produced by Big Cats! 

Who are the features and why?

I am absolutely privileged to announce that the album includes features by veterans, artists responsible for laying the foundation of underground hip-hop: Sage Francis, Buck 65 and Illogic (I have been listening to these guys since I was young and have been extremely influenced by them).

It also includes a handful of new-age underground rappers who I believe are part of the next wave of successful DIY movement: Crescent Moon (Kill The Vultures), Ceschi, Sadistik, Joe Horton (No Bird Sing) and Mike Schank (Sector 7G). I chose these features because I thoroughly respect the hone approach that all of these artists have when it comes to how they express themselves, and also because they are artists who have influenced the way I make art and how I have spread that art to the world over the past five years.

I specifically wanted these folks on the album because I believe all of them could relate to being in a position where as a result of not making gimmicky, super-accessible art, they all know what it feels like to be underappreciated and overlooked, standing by while others, whose art shows less of their heart, receive a standing ovation again and again.

Track listing:

1. Exhale 
2. Kristoff Krane 
3. One Man Show (Feat. Crescent Moon) 
4. Always Be a Friend 
5. Becoming Great 
6. Birthday Song 
7. Worm 
8. Mouth of the Beast (Feat. Ceschi) 
9. Got High 
10. Parachute (Feat. Illogic) 
11. Hands Up (Feat. Mike Schank) 
12. Infectious (Feat. Buck 65) 
13. White Whale (Feat. Joe Horton) 
14. Wild West (Feat. Sage Francis and Sadistik) 
15. Feeler Felt 
16. Exhale [Graham O'Brien Remix]

 This album is available to purchase as an MP3 Download from SFRstore here.