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LEIF(kolt) - 8===D CD

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These hand-painted, limited edition CD versions of LEIF's mixtape are available exclusively here at SFRstore. We got our hands on a very small number of the run of 200. Each digipak features original, one-of-a-kind artwork + insert!

To download this mixtape for free CLICK
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SFR homie LEIF(kolt) speaks on his new mixtape, "8===D":

My aim was to make 'pop' music with a brain, heart, and huge nuts... what I got was 8===D.

The title 8===D is my shout out to the all digital generation. It seems as though no one gives a shit about anything anymore except constantly remaining stimulated by an endless barrage of new content, glossy facades, and professionally engineered hype packets. I don't want to tell you what to think or expect, and the title is my way of saying 'Fuck all of that. These are the songs I've created for you. Listen to them and pass your own judgments'.

8===D has many featuring tracks with guest spots from great artists like Ecid, Kristoff Krane, and Skobie Won, guys I've wanted to work with for a while now.

Besides the free download, fans can also get the mixtape as a hand painted limited edition CD, completely unique from it's counterparts and designed using stencils, bits of trash, kitten's whiskers, and found objects.

01 They Called Me Faggot
02 Afraid of Growing Sold
03 The Man Who Couldn't Afford Glass
04 Code Ring
05 Naughty Bits
06 Glass Elevator
07 Reigning Gold
08 Run Don't Work
09 Unquenchable Thirst
10 Green Acres
11 superCRASH