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SFR Cassette Store Day 7-PACK

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Instant cassette collection! Get tapes from Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Metermaids, Prolyphic, Cas One Vs Figure, and Epic Beard Men!



Orders for this product page will receive:

1x Sage Francis - "Copper Gone" AQUA Cassette
1x Epic Beard Men - "This Was Supposed To Be Fun" ORANGE Cassette
1x B. Dolan - "Kill The Wolf" BLOOD RED Cassette
1x B. Dolan - "House Of Bees Vol. 3" DARK PURPLE Cassette
1x Metermaids - "We Brought Knives" CLEAR BLUE Cassette
1x Prolyphic - "DNGRFLD" Cassette
1x Cas One Vs Figure - So Our Egos Don't Kill Us GOLD Cassette
1x SFR sticker
1x SFR button


If you would like to receive a download link for these albums while you wait for your package to arrive,

please email with your order number.

We will respond as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours.