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Sole 4-CD PACK

Sole 4-CD PACK

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Get 3 of indie rap legend SOLE's seminal releases: Bottle of Humans, Selling Live Water, and Live From Rome, plus the rare bonus CD Songs That Went Tin (previously thought to be out-of-print) for one ridiculously low price of less than $6.25 each!

Bottle of Humans
Bottle of Humans, sole's debut full length release on anticon, was originally released in 1999 and quickly became a cult-classic, but by 2001 the record's initial pressing went out of print. Now, the bootlegging is finally over! This highly anticipated CD reissue has been remastered, the record's artwork has been revitalized the way it was originally intended (including the album's lyrics in the liner notes) and its track listing has been slightly altered. Bottle of Humans combines the anger and conviction of early Ice Cube with sole's own brand of self-deprecating honesty. Looking and sounding better than ever, Bottle of Humans is classic, vintage sole. Features production from ALIAS, JEL, DADDY KEV, RAGGITY ANDY, SCOTT MATELIC, ODD NOSDAM, and CONTROLLER 7.

Selling Live Water
Twenty-five, bookless, bored, obsessive, hypocritical, barb-witted, full of shit, and horrified by the war machine; what else could this outspoken tangle of contradictions do but make the next classic rap album? sole lives out a perpetual identity crisis so we don't have to, surfacing each of his past lives in his music: the 13-year-old Ice Cube from Maine, the Lord Finesse-styled battle MC who ruled open mics in New England, the hyperactive San Francisco transplant consumed with the idea of anticon, and finally the sagacious mid-twenties writer who hums Dylan and guns for Bush.

When the hip hop he loved failed to inspire him further, sole made rap songs that defiantly drove back the border of what could even be considered a rap song. And when the cogs began to click in harmony, he locked himself in for a year and half and authored an album that completely blew away the expectations that have been steadily growing around it. The late American poet Gregory Corso once satirically referred to himself as "an ugly bag of water," and sole elaborates the phrase, suggesting that humans, as "live water," are systematically devalued, that their lives and opinions are to an extent bought and paid for. Rather than lodge heavy-handed attacks, however, sole does the only thing he can do: bare his inner dialogue with all the anger, humor and insecurity that you'd expect from someone who turns the lines "I wanted to be black at age 14 / so when they say I don't respect the culture / the truth is I'm not smart enough to write a book" into a refrain, as he did for "da baddest poet." sole may be the only rapper in history to mock his critics while simultaneously telling them that they haven't gone far enough.

Live From Rome
Iraq ain't lookin' so good-but the mothafuckin' club is crunk!" - (from "atheist jihad") 

And so sole reemerges roughly two years after the aesthetic and critical breakthrough of his second album, Selling Live Water, having moved to Spain, married, and continued to refine his inimitable blurring of sarcasm and bone-dry honesty. The lion's share of the music is, like Selling Live Water, laid down by odd nosdam and alias, but sole has noticeably changed: the enflamed and verbose jeremiads of Selling Live Water have cooled slightly into a more reflective-and effortlessly funny- simmer. 

Live from Rome, recorded and produced both in Oakland, California and Barcelona, Spain, has heavier hooks and a noticeably broader palette, moving from upbeat, half-serious vegan anthems to the half-kidding faux Eminem at the tail end of iamsotired: "Still getting punched for shit I said in my last life;/ it wasn't me, it was Vanilla Ice./ Haven't slept since god made mics-/Nah, I haven't slept since god gave me the mic." 

Though sole still isn't going to peddle a million records to the red states, his effort to place the person- al and self-critical in the big and political helps him avoid singing to the choir; Alternative Press has noted that his "willingness to lyrically bust caps in the asses of the left as well as the right make him a fairly revo- lutionary revolutionary." Live from Rome is a lyric volley of shots taken, but it's thankfully lightened by his humor and ultimately made compelling by the beats - a rare mixture of the dynamic and the raw. Taken altogether, this very well may be one album worth surviving the future ruins of the new and improved Rome. 

1. cheap entertainment 
2. self inflicted wounds 
3. predictions 
4. sin carne 
5. entalude 
6. locust farm 
7. every single one of us 
8. a typical 
9. crisis 
10. manifesto 232 
11. banks of marble 
12. atheist jihad (feat. bleubird) 
13. dumb this down 
14. imsotired 
15. on martyrdom 
16. theme 
17. drive by detournment 

Songs That Went Tin
A collection of unreleased songs and B-sides from 99-05.