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Summon - Scapegoat CD

Summon - Scapegoat CD

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New Mexico emcee SUMMON takes you on a psychedelic audio head trip on his latest full-length effort, "Scapegoat."

The self-described 'Warrior of Change' has been active in the indie rap scene since 2002, performing live alongside acts like Shapeshifters, Living Legends, and Project Blowed and making a name for himself in scenes from Albuquerque to Los Angeles to Seattle.

Summon explains the project in his own words:

"13 water droplets of unique sound collected over a span of 6 years to create a puddle of psychedelic experience. I tried to capture a multitude of color so I could display a balanced complete picture/journey of mind.
Production came to me from all over the world. CHUKCHEE, WYDOW, ABOMINATION, XRIN Arms & SMEAR believed in me and created the Soundscapes of the scapegoat."

"Scapegoat" was mastered by Deeskee (2Mex, The Returners).

01 Cogs & Gears02 Anew
03 40 Dayz
04 4X4
05 Spokenwords
06 Seraphimage
07 Venus
08 Eve In Tides
09 Garden of Obscure
10 Buzzard Feathers
11 Moonshoes
12 Weather To Wither (feat. Trust One)
13 1 Two 3