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Free Moral Agents - Live At The Prospector CD

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Free Moral Agents (led by the late, great Ikey Owens of The Mars Volta) were the opening act and Sage Francis' backing band for the LI(F)E On The Road US Tour 2010. This is a live tour CD pressed up by the band, and SFR has gotten ahold of a very limited number to sell here at Here's a description of the record from Ikey himself: 

"this recording was in 2004 at the Prospector in Long Beach. i felt like the band was finally starting to come together. after 2 years of searching for a sound we were finally able to start to define who we are.

we called in anthony and jeff from the compound studios to come down to our favorite bar and try to capture what was going on, and they nailed it.

we spent the summer of 2004 practicing, grilling, hanging out together, and swimming at our drummer’s house. it was a beautiful way to spend a summer and this recording will always remind me of that time.

isaiah ikey owens"

Live At The Prospector 

01 Sound At Sea
02 Gem From A Broken Rock
03 North Is Red
04 Systole
05 Aravand
06 Little Trouble Girl (Intro)
07 Little Trouble Girl
08 710 Stomp
09 Let's Stay Together
10 Sound At Sea (Studio)
11 Impressions in G Minor
12 Black Is The New Black


released 15 April 2010
Jesse Carzello - Guitar
Mendee Ichikawa - Vocals
Reid Kinnett - Keyboards
Isaiah Ikey Owens - Keyboards
Dennis Owens - Bass
Ryan Reiff - Drums

Recorded by Anthony Arvizu and Jeff Lewis
Mixed by Ikey, Anthony and Jeff at The Compound in Signal Hill, California.

artwork by lewes herriot
Wade and Reid were the bartenders that night.

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