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Sage Francis "Copper Gone" CD

Sage Francis "Copper Gone" CD

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In celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Copper Gone in 2024, the high-fidelity compact disc version will be $5 all year long!

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SAGE FRANCIS...relocked and reloaded.

After a 4-year hiatus, the indie rap icon is taking his signature
style of hip-hop and performance art back on the road to support the
June 2014 release of "COPPER GONE" on STRANGE FAMOUS RECORDS. It
features beat production from long-time music affiliates BUCK 65,

"VONNEGUT BUSY", the lead single, acts as a stylistic sample dish for
what one can expect from the new album, transitioning seamlessly from
socio-economic issues to personal politics, all while being punctuated
by the project's overall mission statement: "When it seems like you're
going through hell...keep going." The reference to Kurt Vonnegut in
the title is accompanied by a quote from the satirical writer in one
of the song's 3 sub-choruses: "Of all the words of mice and men, the
saddest are, 'it might have been.'"

As fans and media may remember, Francis declared a sudden retirement
from touring at the end of his "Li(f)e on the Road" world excursion in
2010. Many people misinterpreted this as a resignation from music
altogether as his three album deal with Epitaph Records came to its
conclusion. "It sort of offends my sensibilities to hear that some
people thought I gave up music," Francis remarks. "I've been writing
songs since I was 8 years old. Performing on stage since 12. Winning
over crowds and losing partners in the process. As far as creative
energy goes, my entire adult life and the bulk of my childhood has
been dedicated to this craft. I don't even think I could stop that
train if I wanted to."

Check out "MAKE 'EM PURR", the latest video from "Copper Gone"!:

Watch "GRACE", the first video released from "Copper Gone":

In reality, Francis removed himself from the non-stop grind of the
tour circuit in hopes of developing a healthier domestic situation. He
did not achieve this goal, as numerous songs on Copper Gone clearly
illustrate (some more overtly than others.) Over the course of the
next few years, in the wake of some significant personal losses,
Francis succumbed to his more hermit-like tendencies. He remained
tucked away in the woods on the outskirts of Rhode Island, running
Strange Famous Records remotely, all while continuing to write/record
music in the isolation of his studio.

FREE DOWNLOAD: A live version of "Thank You" recorded at the Daytrotter studio at SXSW 2014!:

"No matter how much time I spend by myself, I'm constantly aware of
how I need to keep this ship afloat. If not for me, then for the
others who have jumped on board with me. That's not the main
motivation for what I do, but it's probably good to feel pressured
into staying active outside of my bubble. I'm stressed, overworked,
and exhausted regardless of my situation, so I might as well step into
the fire rather than just watch the world burn around me. At this
point, that sounds a lot better to me than spending the rest of my
life as a recluse, wondering what might've been."

"Copper Gone" drops worldwide on June 3rd, 2014 on Strange Famous
Records (except in the UK where it is being released Scroobius Pip's
label, Speech Development Records.) The North American leg of the
world tour begins in May, the UK/Euro leg of the tour begins in
October, the rest of the tour dates are being booked now.


01 PRESSURE COOKER (music by Cecil Otter)

02 GRACE (music by ALXNDRBRWN)

03 ID THIEVES (music by James Hancock & Poindexter)

04 CHEAT CODE (music by Reanimator)

05 DEAD MAN’S FLOAT (music by Cecil Otter)

06 OVER UNDER (music by Le Parasite)

07 MAKE EM PURR (music by Buck 65)

08 VONNEGUT BUSY (music by Prolyphic, horn by Joshua Trinidad)

09 THANK YOU (music by Anders Parker)

10 THE SET UP (music by Alias)

11 THE PLACE SHE FEARED MOST (music by Reanimator)

12 ONCE UPON A BLUE MOON (music by Dub Sonata)

13 SAY UNCLE (music by John Ash)

14 MAINT REQD (music by Kurtis SP)

*MP3s must be downloaded to a computer and not a mobile device. 

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