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Buck 65 - Situation 2xLP Vinyl

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We're down to the last 100 copies of Situation on vinyl! 
PLEASE NOTE: The remaining copies are leftover tour merchandise from the 2007 Situation tour & some have some of the hallmarks of road life - bumped corners, the occasional dings to the jacket. The albums are still sealed & contain pristine vinyl, but be aware that the jacket may not arrive in mint condition. 

In basing the record around the many defining events of 1957, Situation recognizes the true creation of underground and independent culture that happened 50 years ago and the enticing idea that we are on the cusp of a similar renaissance. And while Buck 65's music is truly defined by it's own genre, Situation is a raw and powerful return to classic hip-hop delivered in Buck 65's seasoned style!

Check out Buck's video for "Shutterbuggin" off of Situation!


1) Intro
2) 1957
3) Dang
4) Lipstick

5) Shutter Buggin'
6) Spread 'Em
7) Ho-Boys
8) Way Back When

9) Cop Shades
10) The Beatific
11) Mr. Nobody
12) The Rebel

13) Benz
14) Heatwave
15) The Outskirts
16) White Bread

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