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Sage Francis - Sick To D(EAT)H SIGNED CD+Extras

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1 x Sage Francis "Sick To D(EAT)H" SIGNED CD
1 x SFR Sticker

This 75 minute compilation of rare recordings, remixes, demos and brand new songs will be available on MP3, CD and Cassette. Yes…we're returning to the original analog format which kicked off this mixtape series back in 1999. It includes a download code this time through.

It features contributions by Atmosphere, B. Dolan, Buck 65, Buddy Peace, Cecil Otter, DJ EQ, Kurtis SP, Lord Grunge, No Bird Sing, Prolyphic, Reanimator, Scroobius Pip and many more. The full track list is below.

A breakdown of each track is available here: Learn From The Mixtapes Of Others.

Check out the video for "BLUE":

In other news, we're proud to announce that Sage Francis is currently recording his NEW ALBUM (title withheld for now) which drops in June of 2014, officially ending a 4 year hiatus. This will be followed by a world tour. More info on that soon.

For now, enjoy the free download of "You Can't Win" (EPIC BEARD MEN!)


01 - STD INTRO - (2005, beat & cuts by DJ EQ)

02 - GIMME DAT - (2008, beat by Buck 65)

03 - ZERO Demo - (2009 "I was Zero" demo, beat by Buck 65)

04 - BLUE - (2013, beat by Reanimator, cuts by Buddy Peace)


05 - SLOW D(EAT)H Demo - (2009 "Slow Man" demo, beat by Buck 65)

06 - THINGS TO DO IN DENVER WHEN YOU'RE DEAD TO ME - (2013, beat by Prolyphic)

07 - VIVA LA VINYL - (2013, beat by Reanimator, violin by Jolie Holland, cuts by Buddy Peace)

08 - YOU CAN'T WIN - (2013, feat. B. Dolan, beat by Buddy Peace. EPIC BEARD MEN!)

09 - BREAKING 2BAD - (2013, feat. B. Dolan, beat by Buddy Peace. EPIC BEARD MEN!)

10 - LET EM COME REDUX - (2012, Scroobius Pip, Metermaids, Cecil Otter. Beat by Cecil Otter)

11 - DARK ARTS ABRIDGED - (2011, "Art of Darkness" demo edit. Beat by MC Lars.)

12 - REHAB Demo - (2006, beat by Paul Fava)

13 - HIGH STEP Demo - (2006, beat by Eaters)

14 - THE PASTOR SLEEPS FINE (interlude, music by Reanimator)

15 - ORIGIN TO DESCENT - (2013, beat by Buddy Peace)

16 - TREE OF KNOWLEDGE (spoken word, 1999)

17 - THERE IS A BETTER WAY - (Lord Grunge on vocals & guitar)

18 - UBUNTU (WATER INTO WINE) - (2012, beat by Adam248 & Sage)

19 - DON'T THINK Vs. REBEL YELLOW - (2013, No Bird Sing / Cecil Otter. Mash up by Bearpuncher Prime)

20 - BABY STAYS (LIVE ON BBC) - (2010, guitars by Worgie and Yila)

21 - I DON'T KNOW (feat. Atmosphere, 2003 demo)

22 - KID PROFIT FREESTYLE OUTTAKES (1994 bedroom cypher)

23 - LIFE IS AN STD - (1996 demo)

24 - YEARS Demo - (2009, "16 Years" demo, beat by Kurtis SP)



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