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Ceschi - Sans Soleil CASSETTE

Ceschi - Sans Soleil CASSETTE

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Smokey tint cassette with fluorescent cassingle-style carton sleeve + download code. 

Album number 2 of Ceschi’s final Sad, Fat trilogy, “Sans Soleil” completely ignores cohesiveness. It is a fragmented collage; a raucous yet grief-stricken, genre-ignoring, dirty kiss of a musical eulogy to dead friends, youth, musical scenes & long lost inspirations. “Sans Soleil” is driven by the type of experimentation that defined Ceschi’s earliest work 15 years earlier. No song on the album sounds quite like any other. From grimy lo-fi Hip Hop to heart-wrenching folk to prog-reggaeton Spanish rap to spoken word poetry to cinematic pop there are no rules here other than the urgent need to write from a perspective of painfully blunt honesty.

Contributors include Yoni Wolf of Why?, Open Mike Eagle, POS of Doomtree, Onry Ozzborn of Dark Time Sunshine, Squalloscope, & many more.

01 Nonchalant
02 Sufjan Is Gonna Die
03 Frank False's Eulogy
04 Old Graves
05 Incesticide
06 Britney
07 Ceschirito
08 Cici Atlas
09 Christ on a Cross
10 Yoni's Electrocardiographs
11 1988
12 Pepe on the Game
13 Animal Instinct
14 Joanna & Anna
15 Stop & Smile
16 Red Emma
17 Seeds of Revolution
18 My Bad
19 Greatest Poem of 2019
20 Better Man/Material Girl
21 Capsize

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