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AUPHEUS - Megalith CD+MP3 Download

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London, UK soundscape artist AUPHEUS has unleashed his self-produced full-length SFdigi debut “Megalith” (featuring Sage Francis, B. Dolan, Prolyphic, and Seez Mics)!

London, UK-based producer AUPHEUS is in the unique position of being both a vested Strange Famous veteran and an SFdigi rookie, boasting a history of collaborations with the SFR crew and on the eve of dropping his first official project with the label. His latest offering, Megalith, drops September 21, 2018 on SFdigi, the digital division of Strange Famous Records. 

Check out the 360/VR video for "The Human Remains" featuring Sage Francis! 

Megalith is a compelling collision of disparate influences and technologies melded to form an unconventional sonic tapestry: "The album was heavily inspired by my favourite science fiction films of the 1980s and early 1990s and their soundtracks, along with the hip hop that I grew up listening to, and the writing of Philip K. Dick," says Aupheus. It's an ambitious mix of ambient sounds and doom-bap grit. "I used a range of digital and analog gear to achieve the sound I wanted, including vintage samplers, running things onto tape, using the turntables and various musical instruments in conventional and unconventional ways.Megalith exists in the exciting overlap between the worlds of beat-making, composing, and sound design; a fusion of Electronic Sci-Fi and golden-era Hip Hop.
Megalith arrives preceded by the first single, "The Human Remains", featuring Strange Famous label boss and independent hip hop legend Sage Francis. The track is accompanied by an ambitious 360/VR video, produced and directed by Aupheus himself, that stars Francis (or, at least, his disembodied head) spiraling through a head trip of negative space and juxtaposed imagery that compels the viewer to interact with the screen, ensuring that no two experiences will be identical for those who accept the invitation. 
Aupheus began his career in the late '90s, initially as a turntablist, but soon after finding his calling as a producer. He self-released a pair of instrumental EPs (his last opus, Excavated, has been a mainstay of the SFR webstore for years) and produced tracks for emcees including Buck 65 and Scroobius Pip. He is also an accomplished animator, having created the acclaimed videos for Sage Francis' "ID Thieves" and Prolyphic & Buddy Peace's "Go Green", and has worked on large-scale movie industry products including Wes Anderson's "Isle of Dogs" feature film. 
With his SFR membership card firmly in hand, Aupheus was able to secure features from his labelmates B. Dolan (Epic Beard Men), Prolyphic, and Seez Mics, who pepper the boundary-stretching backdrops with the gritty and grounded raps that Strange Famous is, well, famous for. 
Aupheus is hard at work on a series of videos that will continue to expand the tale begun in the songs of Megalith. The creative process is something close to his heart, and something that never stops: "Making music is something that I've always done, using any equipment I could get my hands on. It's more like a compulsion than anything else, just something that I need to do."

Megalith drops September 21, 2018 on Strange Famous Digital / SFdigi, and is available on iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, and at digital retailers everywhere. Limited edition 7-inch Square Picture Disc Lathe Cut Records, CDs, and Cassettes (all including Instant MP3 downloads of the full album) are available for pre-order at


1. Evolution (1:21)
2. Megalith (5:32)
3. Run The Machine (Redux) feat. B. Dolan (5:57)
4. Ghost (7:25)
5. The Human Remains feat. Sage Francis (3:24)
6. Groundwave (3:17)
7. Macro Mirror feat. Seez Mics (3:32)
8. Short Circuit (3:52)
9. Famnexdo (3:27)
10. Me So Hornacek feat. Prolyphic (2:52)
11. Off-World (2:08)
12. Thousand Armed Kannon (3:58)
13. The Empire Never Ended (4:24)

Total Running Time: 51 minutes 08 seconds

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