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Big Cats - For My Mother SIGNED CD

Big Cats - For My Mother SIGNED CD

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 "On October 2nd, I'll be releasing my new album, For My Mother. It's a record that I've spent more than two years on. It began on April 29th 2010 when my I lost my mother, Christi, following a 3 1/2 year battle with ovarian cancer. When she was going through chemotherapy, surgeries and countless procedures, she often used music to help her relax and take her mind off of her treatment. When she passed, I knew I wanted to create something in her honor. It seemed only fitting that I create a new album. After all, if it weren't for her, I probably wouldn’t be making music today. Growing up, she devoted an incredible amount of time, effort and money to my music. She drove me to lessons, rehearsals, and band practices. She put up with noise at all hours, records strewn around the house, and my tendency to play the largest instruments possible. She was always the first to hear any new music I was working on and give feedback. This album is my eulogy for her." - Big Cats

01 One
02 Two 
03 Three
04 Four
05 Five
06 Six
07 Seven
08 Eight
09 Nine
10 Ten

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