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Dark Time Sunshine - Cornucopia CD

Dark Time Sunshine - Cornucopia CD

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 When Cape Cowen and Zavala came to Fake Four, Inc. with their new Dark Time Sunshine project, they had 30 incredible songs already recorded that would become part of BELIEVEYOUME and Vessel. Cornucopia is a tour CD that they released this year that completes that original, inspired run of songs. Bangers like "We Rule" prove that this is far more than just a tour only release, but the final installment of a trill-ogy.

#1 Gigantic I Rep
#2 M&M
#3 We Rule
#4 Murder Scene (Ft. Awol One)
#5 Rabbit Hole (Ft. Kaitlin Leathers)
#6 Visitor
#7 Fiend Theme
#8 Jump For Joy
#9 Blood Stained Thrones (Ft. Sapient & Xperience)
#10 Planetarium (Ft. Kaitlin Leathers)

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