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Jivin Scientists - Thirsty CD

Jivin Scientists - Thirsty CD

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Jivin Scientists (Tucson, AZ) have signed to SFdigi!
Get familiar with the crew by checking out their 10th studio album, "Thirsty". 

The latest video from JS is "Push & Pull":

Jivin Scientists on Jivin Scientists:
"Jivin Scientists is not just music. It’s a philosophy. An idea. As scientists, we research the fundamental building blocks and framework of the art we produce. With that understanding, we apply pieces of ourselves in a creative way to Jive it. We believe that with hard work and honesty we can take the music we love to a new level. We are selflessly committed to producing something new and different while forever respecting the foundation on which it was built." - JS (MC Runt, Phen, Soundsmith, DJ Deeko, Dr Nope)

“Welcome to the world of Tucson underground hip-hop, flying mostly below the radar and unjustly ignored by the majority of music fans… What sets Jivin' Scientists apart are their brutally confessional and introspective lyrics.” – Joshua Levine, Tucson Weekly

01 Salt Water
02 Thirsty
03 Sunswallow
04 Twenty On The Chiefs
05 Push & Pull
06 Last of the Americans
07 Invisible
08 Crazy
09 Million Man Army
10 Far Between
11 I'm Gone
12 Breathe
13 Coming From
14 Watermelon Sunshine
15 State of Decay
16 Made My Bed
17 The Road
18 This Old World

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