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Sage Francis - Still Sickly Business SIGNED CD RARE!

Sage Francis - Still Sickly Business SIGNED CD RARE!

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VERY FEW COPIES LEFT! We thought they were sold out, but managed to dig up a few more copies from deep in the SFR catacombs. Now SIGNED by Sage Francis! PLEASE NOTE: These were old tour merch, so they are a bit banged up, some surface wear and dings to the corners of the cardboard sleeve. 

A combination of two discontinued tour discs (Still Sick... Urine Trouble and Sickly Business) with some new tracks thrown in. Released in 2005. 

This is a limited disc which we will not be reprinting.

CLICK HERE to purchase the digital download of Still Sickly Business in our digital store.


  1. Hey Bobby (remixed by Sumone, cuts by DJ Stumpy) (2003)
  2. Time of my Life redux (prod and cuts by MF Shalem B) 00
  3. Locksmith(snippet verse from a Macromantics song, produced by Joker 70) 05 
  4. My Head (prod by Jel, feat Sole) 02
  5. Andy Kaufman (prod by Joe Beats) 00
  6. Love Love Love(feat Anonjondoe, prod by Joe Beats, cuts by DJ Mekalek) 04 
  7. Stuck (feat Slug, prod by Ant) 04
  8. Garden Gnomes (prod by Danger Mouse) 03
  9. Come Come Now (prod by Joe Beats) 00
  10. Strange Famous spoken word (live on 90.3 WRIU) 00
  11. Back Packer (AOI live at the Met Cafe) 00
  12. Killing Time (live on 90.3 WRIU) 96
  13. Alternatives to College
  14. Eye of the Tiger (prod by MF Shalem B, feat. Joe Beats and Shalem on vocals) 00
  15. Damage 96 - (live on 90.3 WRIU) 96
    Doomage (prod by MF Doom, feat Slug, Brother Ali and Joe Beats on vocals) 04
  16. 99 Rappers (live at Rock the Bells, CA) 05
  17. Pen to the Gun Fight (live at Dedbeat, UK) 04
  18. Majority Rule (prod by Joe Beats) 00
  19. Threewrite (prod by Joe Beats) 03 
  20. Life is What Distracts You from Death (live on 90.3 WRIU) 98
  21. KFC (N8 Ball) 98
  22. Whore Monger Freestyle (live on Kevin Beacham's radio show) 02
  23. Whore Monger (prod by Joe Beats) 00
  24. Mullet (live at the Met Cafe, Providence) 98

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