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Curtis Plum - Call My Cellphone MP3 Download

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The most common response to the announcement of his 2009 signing to SFR was, "Who the fuck is Curtis Plum?" Let's start with the basics: Curtis Plum is a character who makes Casio keyboard beats and raps in a Katharine Hepburn accent. But wait... there's more!

"Odd, yet disturbingly hilarious." -

01 Bike Cop
02 Up In Ya Face
03 Indie Rocker
04 Xbox Trife Life
05 Call My Cellphone
06 Vin Diesel 
07 Get On The Dancefloor
08 Jack In The Pine Box
09 Lil Wayne Tried To Rape Me
10 Bike Cop Reanimated

Aside from the assistance from label mate Reanimator on a couple of tracks, all of Plum's beats are completely self-produced. Every song on Call My Cellphone has a theme of its own, and these themes are turned upside-down with a dose of his signature style of twisted humor. Rather than the tread-worn punchline style of most hip hop 'humorists', Plum opens up his mind and empties it all over the borders of hip-hop topics, blurring the line between keeping it real and creating the surreal. It takes a special kind of emcee to tick off a list of 20 ways in which he can be "Up in Ya Face."

"A fabulously weird and unique MC. Curtis affects this spooky warble and writes immensely creative and arresting raps about the damnedest of subjects. The Kraftwerk-on-nitrous beats are self-produced as well, so the album really is the unified product of a beautifully twisted mind." - TooMuchHappiness

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