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Prolyphic - Time's Table Scraps CD

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limited to 1000 copies, this tour cd from Strange Famous recording artist PROLYPHIC shows a clear progression from his earliest tapes to his official SFR debut album, the collaboration with Reanimator entitled "The Ugly Truth"


1) Halfway (Prod. Paul Fava, 2003)
2) 2 Sides (Prod. Joe Beats, 2003)
3) From Dust Til Dawn Pt. 1 (Prod. Prolyphic, 2005)
4) From Dust Til Dawn Pt. 2 (Prod. Prolyphic, 2005)
5) Blue Lemonade (Prod. Elektro4, 2005)
6) Humpty Dumpty Theory (Prod. Sunspark, 1999)
7) Flowers On The Highway (Recorded over a Diplo beat, 2005)
8) Empty Stomach (Prod. Prolyphic, 2003)
9) Murphy's Law (Prod. Bles, 2003)
10) When The Paint Dries (Prod. Sunspark, 2003)
11) Cowboys And Indians (Prod. Prolyphic, 2005)
12) Intro to What's Wrong With This Picture? (Prod. Sunspark, 2000)
13) Get Out What You Put In (Prod. Prolyphic, 2003)
14) Like Whoa... Joey Lawrence (Reinterpretation of Black Rob's Whoa, 1999)
15) Vulcan Mind Meld F/ Sunspark (Prod. Sunspark, 2000)
16) Fade Away (Prod. Sunspark, 2003)
*bonus track* Artist Goes Pop snippet (Prod. Reanimator, from the full-length P&R SFR debut release"The Ugly Truth")

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