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Ceschi - They Hate Francisco False CD

Ceschi - They Hate Francisco False CD

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 On his 2006 Net31 Records release, "They Hate Francisco False", Ceschi Ramos merges Beatles-esque melodies over crunk drums, heartfelt hip hop, folk ditties, unpretentious poetry and overall honesty. These decidedly genre-less pieces retain a fluidity that feels completely natural and unfeigned. stated that Ceschi's album is "One of those albums you just have to hear. Words could not credit the talents of Ceschi, whether it's rapping, singing, or composing." A European tour, recent collaborations with K Records' artist Little Wings, Project Blowed producer Omid, and up and coming Babygrande/Mush Records production group Blue Sky Black Death as well as the long awaited release of the Ramos' band Toca have all made 2007 an exciting year for Ceschi's music career. 

#1 Francisco False Theme
#2 All Of Us
#3 Sleep
#4 Frank Propose
#5 Shame
#6 Calluses
#7 Tiny Dream
#8 Optical Illusion
#9 Not Sure Featuring Penny
#10 Ct Dead Featuring Xololanxinxo
#11 End Of Skies Featuring iCON The Mic King David Ramos And Shoshin
#12 Dripping
#13 Sweetest Friend
#14 Francis Display

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