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Esh & The Isolations - Idiot Fingerz CASSETTE

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Pressed on NEON GREEN Vinyl!

The haphazard sonics on Idiot Fingerz are crafted in the style of the 1987 Max Headroom Incident. The LP - Written, produced, and arranged by frontman Esh - plays like the ranting of a masked recluse on pirated airwaves, manically weaving poetic ruminations with childish buffoonery - all fed through the hiss of a broken tube amp. It explores concepts of Identity, wealth, & seclusion, over production that ranges from kinetic synth-punk to grime-ball boom-bap and trap. Esh’s lyrics are razor-sharp, and shift from heartfelt to scathingly sardonic fluidly.

Check out the first video from Idiot Fingerz!


01 Idiot Fingerz
02 Shoot 2 Kill
03 Lou Says
04 Costanza Wallet
05 Me & My Rhythm Box
06 Rich Parents
07 Don't Freak Out!!!
08 I Am Nothing
09 Better Than Dead
10 Every Rhyme
11 Chef Kiss
12 Cool Cool Cool
13 Bury Go Round
14 Rose of a New Thorn

released May 1, 2020

All songs written and produced by Esh
Recorded at Revson Studios

Mixed by Esh & Arc
Mastered by The Arcitype at The Bridge Sound & Stage

Additional vocals on:
Tracks 6, 8, 10, 11, 14 by Nicole LeBlanc of ORCHIDS
Track 13 by IAME of Wool See
Track 10 by J Ring of Baabes

Guitar on tracks 2, 3, 4 by Hadden Stemp of Honey Oil
Recorded at Fingerprint Studios

Saxophone on tracks 1 & 10 by Tim Hall
Recorded at Hipstory Studio

Art by Esh
Photography by Harrison Searle

Shout out to any and all Isolations: Amelia Gormley, Christian Hardy, Jesse Russell, & Lightfoot.

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