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Cas One - The Monster & The Wishing Well SIGNED CD

Cas One - The Monster & The Wishing Well SIGNED CD

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Sometimes small cities have big voices. Evansville, Indiana's Cas One, with producer Eric Hunter, set out to prove this on their 16-song opus “The Monster and The Wishing Well”.  

Dark and melodically infectious, it defies the traditional definition of hip-hop and gives it a fresh meaning; Beauty with no qualms exposing its fangs. Cas One juxtaposes light and dark, addressing heavy topics with intriguing musicality. The songs speak on a young man growing up, becoming a father, a husband, and the wishes in the well.  

Guest spots include Prolyphic, Metermaids, Ceschi Ramos, Kristoff Krane, and Bitter Stephens. But overall, this is unmistakably a Cas One album.

The latest video from the album is "OCTOBER"!

The first official video from the album is "Long Walk":

Check out the lyric video for "The Get Down":

Cas One speaks on the history of the project:

"You are more of a part of me than I knew. In the 5 years since Eric and I decided to make this record, I got married and had another child. I grew. My music grew. Most of all, my relationships with you have grown. I never knew that I would invest so much of myself in music. It wasn’t my intention. I do know, without a doubt, Eric and I have poured ourselves into one thing. We threw away albums of material, built and destroyed what is and what isn’t.

It’s done now.

We are proud. Now the time approaches that it is no longer in our hands, it is in yours. We did this without a label, using only the help of a few friends, so that you were able take us where we need to go. On October 29, 2013, The Monster and The Wishing Well will be released both digitally and on hard copy. On that day, we look to you to be the person that shares it with the world. We have worked incredibly long hours and sleepless weeks to make something that we feel is worth it all. We give you 16 handcrafted songs that mean the world to us. It features artists that we, not only appreciate musically, but would also have dinner with. Not a single aspect of this record has been forced. We are excited to share this moment with you and hope to live many more moments inside of your life. We want to hear what you think of it. This used to be ours… now it’s yours.

With the utmost love and respect, The Wolf and The Rabbit."


01 longwalk
02 the get down
03 chasing greatness Ft Wick it The Instigator
04 never runner Ft Ceschi and Kristoff Krane
05 coldspell Ft Tommy Jamin and Proe
06 vultures Ft Bitter Stephens, Prolyphic, Metermaids
07 rabbit named wolf 
08 out of the light
09 am what i am 
10 strut bounce Ft Intuition, Sean Little
11 empty nest Ft Bitter Stephens
12 reasons 
13 into the dark 
14 opiates
15 october 
16 bigger than life

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