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Epic Beard Men "War On Christmas" Set of 2 LAPEL PINS

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Now available: the 7th & 8th in our series of Strange Famous enamel LAPEL PINS! 

Inspired by artist Sam Dunn's incendiary "War On Christmas" single art, these 2-inch double-post pin showcase both Epic Beard Men at their war-wagingest! 

Plus, each order will receive a full color 4-inch STICKER that can be used as a backing card, and a BONUS PIN - a randomly selected SFR 1.25" pin back button!

Remember: most of our previous limited edition lapel pins have sold out in less than 72 hours, so get yours before they're gone 4-eva! 


Orders for this product page will receive:
1x 2-inch enamel B. Dolan War On Christmas pin
1x 2-inch enamel Sage Francis War On Christmas pin
1x Epic Beard Men Sticker 
1x SFR pin back button (randomly selected design)
1x SFR artist CD (randomly selected by SFR staff) 


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