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B. Dolan - The Failure CD

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Somewhere at the darkest fringe of the griot tradition exists B. Dolan, effortlessly shifting shape between poet, musician, clown, activist and performance artist. Since 2001, a series of gritty, spectacular performances have earned Dolan considerable notoriety; both for their controversial and challenging subject matter, and the brutal intensity with which they are delivered. "The Failure," Dolan's ambitious debut, represents the most comprehensive collection of his recordings, works, and performances to date.

"Through Dolan's vociferous fragments you can almost hear the world unravel." - The Boston Herald

1. Generator
2. Still Electric (prod. by Reanimator)
3. Knock Knock
4. Heart Failure (feat. Sage Francis prod. by Alias)
5. The Skycycle Blues (beat by Kurtis SP)
6. Return to the Air
7. Joan of Arcadia (prod. by Isan)
8. Bombzo for Baghdad (prod. Alias)
9. The Crow on the Riddle (feat. James Diotte)
10. "You seem strange..."
11. Love Will Survive (beat by Russel Fong)
12. Kate (prod. by Alias)
13. Breakadoom
14. Young Americans (feat. Sole)
15. Junk Poetry
16. The Scorpion Arrives 

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