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A. Amar - "The Poor Broken Poet" Book

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With The Poor Broken Poet, A. Amar writes an epic novel-in-verse about one man’s journey through the stages of grief. After his soulmate abandons him, the speaker succumbs to a downward spiral of anger and depression and struggles to rise from the ashes.

At turns darkly comic and philosophical, Amar’s speaker is a companionable guide—à la Dante’s Pilgrim—through the inferno. He praises his love’s “delicate lips that stitched the wound” of his painful past only to open it afresh. He paints “with jagged letters” the aftermath of heartbreak and rubs “a pen against a page like kindling in hopes of burning every trace of her within me.” But as the sky begins “to look more like a cage,” Amar’s speaker turns to self-examination: “The lines/ on my face/ have merged/ with the cracks/ in my chest.// And they all/ trace back/ to the day/ you left.” The speaker then sifts through the rubble of bones and memories to redeem not only himself but everyone who has hurt him.

This raw and honest collection will appeal to anyone who has experienced loss and assure them, with vivid imagery and stark wisdom, that even though “tears taste like salt rubbed into wounds,” self-love and art will prevail.

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Words from A. Amar on the book:

The Poor Broken Poet is a verse novel about one man's painful journey through the stages of grief. It's written for anyone who has experienced significant loss in their ever-fleeting existence. I recommend it to anyone who has lost a loved one, materially or otherwise, and to anyone who suffers from mental illness, particularly depression.

Autobiographical in style, The Poor Broken Poet is an amalgamation of griefs, anthropomorphized into a story that i think is palpable for the reader. i wrote this book [selfishly] for therapeutic reasons, but the further along it progressed, i was encouraged to share it with the world, no matter how far it travels. Whether it goes anywhere of literary importance, I'm grateful to have finished something that's important to me. During the five years or so it took to complete, i marginalized myself from a world i no longer know how to return to, but that's a topic for another day.

i'm beyond fortunate to have been graced with a cover by the incredibly talented @mrs_white_photoart editing by a world-class writer, Kallie Falandays, and @telltellpoetry. Others are acknowledged within the book.

I wrote this for my own healing, but i truly hope it helps a few struggling out there too. As Early Adopted said, "i won't stay awake too long, but i won't go too soon, there's more to do before they kick the door down in my room."

Anyway, I've rambled incoherently for long enough, so with that, i give you: The Poor BrokenPoet.