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Aupheus - Excavated MP3 Download

Aupheus - Excavated MP3 Download

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SFR herby crowns Aupheus as the king of a new genre: DOOM-BAP. 

'Excavated' is the second solo release from London's DJ/producer/beat-maker Aupheus. With over 12 years experience behind the turntables, Aupheus uses a combination of found sounds, obscure vinyl breaks, manipulated field recordings, turntable techniques and live instrumentation to construct punchy, industrial, moody, and ambient soundscapes. 

1. Excavated (7:14) 
2. Insectoid (5:01) 
3. Exoskeleton (5:00) 
4. Fourth Dimension (7:23) 
5. Sons Of Horus (1:35) 
6. Frozen Surface (4:42) 
7. Afterlife Empire (3:10) 
8. Three Thousand Years Of Sleep (1:57)
9. Exoskeleton (Buddy Peace X-O-X-O Remix) (5:43)