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Reanimator - Music To Slit Wrists By CD

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 Reanimator's "Music to Slit Wrists By." Reanimator follows through with his work on Sage Francis' "Personal Journals", "A Healthy Distrust" and "Human The Death Dance" with this beautiful and dark instrumental mix that spans 27 tracks, all consisting of layered samples and moody instrumentation.

"It took probably 3 years to make. I had put together most of the basic songs in about 2 years and then the last year was spent merging songs and interludes to make it flow mostly in a continuous manner for 80 minutes, and mixing everything down and mastering it."-Reanimator


1. My Next Guest 
2. This Is Much More Than Your Fat Gold Chain 
3. Socially Positive (Main) 
4. Everything You Know Is Wrong 
5. Much Better 
6. Everything Disintegrates 
7. Perfect World 
8. Symphony Number Thirty-Nine 
9. Abigail 
10. When Summer Turns To Snow
11. Contemplate (Version One)
12. Point
13. Counterpoint
14. Check One Two
15. Veda
16. Live Session
17. Contemplate (Version Two)
18. Old Recordings
19. I Feel Good Today
20. Eleven Minutes To Prepare
21. Just Imagine
22. Attack The Wack
23. The Line
24. Song For The Grady Sisters
25. End Theme
26. Epilogue
27. Socially Positive (Reprise)