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Sage Francis - Dead Poet Live Album SIGNED CD

Sage Francis - Dead Poet Live Album SIGNED CD

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This album has been sold out for years, but we found a few stashed in a box of other CDs deep in the SFR Vault - less than 10 are left! Each copy is SIGNED by Sage! 

Released in 2004, this live album features Sage Francis classics, freestyles, and covers backed by music by Gruvis Malt. 

Packaged in a slimline cardboard sleeve. 

"This is the inherent beauty of Sage Francis' "Dead Poet, Live Album." Not only does it capture the artist at his emotional best, but with a live band backing him, each song becomes deeper and more unique than it ever was before. This isn't simply a collection of live versions of Sage's favorite songs, it stands as a new work of its own. The words are the mostly the same, and the melodies are familiar. The texture that Gruvis Malt adds to the mix, however, as well as the live performing of Sage Francis, creates something very distinctive and downright exceptional." - 


1 Makeshift Patriot 4:49
2 Hey Bobby 3:29
3 Specialist 4:18
4 Grand Daddy Told Me 0:56
5 Majority Rule 1:59
6 Rewrite (50 Ways) 4:57
7 Crack Pipes 3:26
8 Whats Your Name? 3:35
9 Bang Bang Boogie 1:38
10 Come Come Now 2:26
11 Inherited Scars 4:15
12 White Wedding 1:11
13 "I'm Sorry" Freestyle 2:36
14 Black Sweatshirt 3:11
15 Whoremonger 4:18
16 Emperor's New Clothes 1:03
17 Dirty 5:00
18 Slumlord 2:32
19 Dr. Feel Nathan 2:33
20 Broken Wings 5:03
21 Amtrak Blues (C.R. Avery) 7:04