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Sage Francis x Daniel Madison "Hellions" SIGNED Playing Cards

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Internationally renowned Sleight-of-Hand artist Daniel Madison has called upon the king of Strange Famous, Sage Francis, to become the King of Hearts in his latest limited-edition playing card deck, 'Hellions', a collaboration with designer Oban Jones! This first edition of the 'Hellions' deck features intricately detailed designs for each individual card and a gorgeous embossed package. 

SFRstore has less than a dozen of these decks in stock - they sold out with pre-orders at the Ellusionist website two days before the actual release!

Orders for this product page will include:

1x 'Hellions' Playing Card Deck - SIGNED by Sage Francis
1x SFR Grab Bag - may include stickers, buttons, CDs, posters - dealer's choice! 

Daniel Madison explains the inspiration behind & content of the 'Hellions' deck in this video
- the Sage Francis card is covered around the 8 minute mark!