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The Mombie by AWOL ONE Signed BOOK + CD

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"The Mombie" is a 24-page, full-color, hardcover children's book written by Los Angeles indie hip hop legend AWOL ONE! Includes a full-length soundtrack CD with original Awol tracks, and comes signed by the author!

Words from Awol One about the book:

The Mombie fits the positive mood of a timeless children's story, while the artwork and soundtrack give it that classic b-movie feel. Keeping in tradition of some of my childhood favorites like The Munsters, Scooby Doo, The Addams Family or Beetlejuice, they all had something in common, friendship and love and creepy monsters.

I feel that now is the best time to unleash my thought out creations onto the world and bring some morals, family values, cool art and music to the youth.

This storybook is about The Mombie, and her friendly but weird family, and how they all deal with a new born baby.

The CD that comes packaged with the book is a soundtrack to this story, and it's produced and arranged entirely by me (Awol One). 

01 Spooky Stories Theme
02 Monster Style Party
03 Rattle Their Bones
04 The Mombie
05 BE
06 Creature Picnic
07 Types of Storms 
08 Aphabet
09 Monster Style Party Instrumental
10 Rattle Their Bones Instrumental
11 Shoutro
12 The Mombie Instrumental

The book is written like a rap, like a modern day Dr. Seuss. The music in the video, and the song "Monster Style Party" is a sample of the what is on the soundtrack cd that comes packaged with the book.

I think kids need to have books to hold, touch and look at with others, even though i like digital books. I think that a real child's book is magic, its permanent, its real and holds value to our minds, ears and eyes.

I also spent about 4 years doing art with kids at an elementary school and learned first hand how story books make kids open their imaginations. I have been wanting to do a project like this for a long time.