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"Hoofprints in the Sand" REMIX, free download + lyrics

Posted by Danny Brown on

Sage Francis "Hoofprints in the Sand" SonOfKarl REMIX

Happy Ten Year Anniversary, "Human the Death Dance"!
Details on #HTDD10 here:

I've seen a monkey evolve into a man
I've seen a man devolve into a monkey
I've seen a junkie redeem himself with help
I've seen a wealthy man melt into the snow and blow his credit on a decongestant
The dyslexics breathe easy
The people in the top tax bracket just keep looking for freebies
Thumbing their noses at those in need of handouts
I'm talking panhandlers with secondhand clothes, living hand-to-mouth
Camping out on Capitol Hill
The fat cats are still insisting reparations be a jagged little pill
Today there's free vaccinations at the walk-in clinic
If you're lucky, you won't just be a guinea pig
Call me a cynic
I find it interesting how certain epidemics spread
More specifically - where they don't and who isn't affected
Yeah, I'm infected with a curious nature
The welcome mat said, "God Bless This Home"
not "God Damn Thy Neighbor"
They can repeat history but can't recycle paper?
They don't see the forest or the trees, just skyscrapers
Towers of Babel in a town full of cattle
When I question brand loyalty, the crowd is bedazzled
But I'll never be hoodwinked, I'm mindful of the footprints
The shape of the hoof, the way the path in the wood splits
The author of the book, the origin of the crucifix
The waitress looking for tips, and the place where the cook spits
This is where I was when the bomb dropped
Hiding from the uninvited onslaught
I've seen people who don't believe in sleep count sheep
With calculators that double as alarm clocks
From Noah's Ark all the way to Rosa Parks
To black folk pushing white agendas inside of an office with flow charts
Technology ain't shit. We feed off the fruit
When I stuff leaves of absence in my briefcase, follow suit
Spill the liquid from your double fisted escapade
Kill kids with the drunken misfits in your Escalade
It's gruel for the food fight and foreign aid
Break 'em down and build 'em back up with what you throw away
Administering band-aids on amputated limbs
Kissing 'em with air raids, your lips gave 'em infections
Too many closed doors led to back drafts
Now the spring edition of fashion catalogues feature gasmasks
How becoming on these lanky models
They can't look truth in the mirror without a pair of safety goggles
Hold the bobble head, insert the feeding tube
Even if they stop breathing, make sure they keep eating food
Do the Schiavo
Mouth opened wide like a perverse psycho circus side show
Forgive me not. My patterns stay impartial to apologies
Despite a polite side of mine that says, "I'm so sorry.”
Adding flame infinitum for your eternal fuel tank
My higher power doesn't need to be thanked
Thanks anyway, that's from him to me to you
I don't mind being the middle man,
someday I might need one, too
I'm at the 🔥
Where are you?
I've seen a man devolve into a monkey
I've seen a monkey evolve into a man
I've seen it all, upside down, in-between, inside out
It's neither here nor there. Hoofprints in the sand
I've fallen head first into the pit of my stomach
Taught to trust my gut, got no trust in the gutless
Save some hope for the hopeless, but I won't show it
Shoot my load in an opus, now it's an open casket
Going to Hades in a hand basket
Holding onto a dream, but lately we can't grasp it
There's been too much murder and not enough martyr
Why is it no one else wants to impress Jodie Foster?
We're at the 🔥
Where the hell are you?

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