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Doomtree - Team The Best Team DVD NEW!

Doomtree - Team The Best Team DVD NEW!

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Take an unprecedented glimpse inside the family, crew, business, and lives of the Doomtree collective. 

This two disc DVD set contains a 70 minute feature full length documentary, plus hours of bonus footage and deleted scenes.

As described by Doomtree producer Lazerbeak himself: "A 70 minute film that chronicles the past completely insane year in all seven of our lives (The Year of No Kings, or something like that). Basically the movie follows Doomtree from the making of No Kings, through the week long Blowout 7 and subsequent whirlwind world tour, and back home on the ground in Minnesota, to get an insight into how the family, crew, and business operate behind the scenes. To me it kind of sums up the eternal question "Just what is Doomtree?" better than any album ever could. Anyways, that's my best attempt at explaining it."

Directed by Chris Hadland, edited by Jay Anker, and produced by Picture Machine Productions in association with Doomtree Records.

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